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ISMEGA technology


The SPMON Monitoring system (A Standard Platform for Monitoring) provides continuous monitoring of health, performance and utilisation KPIs of managed Mission-Critical Systems and Applications architectures.

SPMON.V3 Key Features

Customizable Graphical User Interface

The Graphical User Interface is composed of many pre-defined and user customizable views.

Ease of Operations

The SPMON operator can - in real time - alter the behaviour of the SPMON monitoring system itself.

Openness and Flexibility

In addition to the many standard operating system parameters that the SPMON system monitors from the MCA hosts, custom defined parameters (Key Performance Indicators - KPIs) and tabular data about context-specific Mission Critical Applications can easily be added to the monitoring tool, and fully integrated into the multiple SPMON GUI.

The operator has to define what parameters and/or detailed view tabs and tables are to be added, and how (what script or program) their values can be obtained. Their new values will be collected together the built-in ones, and individual parameters alerts will be generated when one of their thresholds will be exceeded.

Integration with other NMS systems

The integration with "higher" level umbrella Monitoring systems, has been achieved by implementing:



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