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The Company

AETHIS sa/nv is a Belgian company, created mid 1996, specialised in distributed monitoring and management of the Quality of Service (performance and availability) of medium sized and large corporate networks and e-business infrastructures, computer systems and applications. The monitoring and management include amongst others: measurements, protocol decoding, data analysis and consolidation, reporting, alerting and integration.

After one and a half year of existence, AETHIS has been awarded the Prize of the Young European Entrepreneur, edition 1997.

The company offers consultancy, audit, study, product integration and customized applications development services, involving state-of-the-art network and security technologies. Its typical customers are large organisations of the private sector (banks, telecom operators, industry) or public institutions (government, space, air traffic control, European Union).

AETHIS focuses on the Management and the Monitoring of the Quality of Service of Networked services. The company provides solutions to its customers, that need to improve the Reliability, the Performance and the Security of intranet and internet services.

AETHIS is located in Rixensart in a well equipped office environment, and disposes of an excellent hardware and software infrastructure.

AETHIS specialises since more than 20 years in tailor-made and integrated solutions for managing complex network components, computer systems and applications. Besides its partnership with leading 3rd party software vendors, such as HP OpenView, CastleRock, SNMP Research, InfoVista, AKCP and OnSolve, the company produces its own software when the appropriate solution is not available on the market.

The company designs and develops SNMP agents for devices, systems and software applications. It builds specific network management applications and custom network monitoring and administration tools by integrating off-the-shelf products and platforms with custom software development.

AETHIS is also one of the few SNMPv3 Knowledge Centres in Europe, providing consultancy, training, and design and development services to large European telecom operators, equipment manufacturers and governmental users, especially in the context of secure remote monitoring and management projects.

AETHIS is an ESA supplier since its creation in 1996. It has worked for ESTEC, ESOC and ESRIN in the following areas:



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