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AETHIS is working since its very beginning with SNMP. Since the late 80s strong contacts were maintained with the authors of the management protocol, and AETHIS personnel was involved in the development of SNMP software. Over the years, the company has developed very strong skills in the development of SNMP agents and SNMP based Management systems, as well as the design and implementation of SNMP Management Information Bases (MIBs).

In the past years, the SNMP protocol has become an ISO standard - the IETF has designated SNMPv3 a full Internet Standard (RFC 3411 till RFC 3418, also known as STD0062), the highest maturity level for an RFC.

The use of SNMP has therefor increased, with high levels of security - authentication and privacy - in the protocol itself.

An interesting observation is that SNMP is being used for an increasing scope. SNMP - traditionally used most widely for network management - has shifted to be used for the management of networked systems (hosts), the management of the applications running on those systems and the management of the services provided by those applications. System and Application Management is the most rapidly growing portion of the management software market.

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